Sunday, February 6

How to save a life

                                                                             Isn't this lovely?

This week, my health teacher was offering extra credit for the brave souls in my class who would volunteer to donate blood. I've done it several times before so I was more than happy to lose a pint and gain some extra credit.
Here are a few things I learned:
1. O+ (my lovely blood type) is the most common blood type.
 I have to admit, this ruffled my feathers a little bit because the red cross used to send me letters all the time telling me how special and rare my blood type is.

2. Your iron level should be between 12.5 and 18.5.
Mine is normally barely high enough to qualify, but thanks to the massive amounts of spinach I've incorporated into my diet, mine was 14.4! The woman who tested it was very impressed with me so then I felt special again :) (Mom aren't you so proud?!?!)

3. If you got hepatitis when you had mono, DON'T check the "yes" box next to "have you ever had hepatitis?" because the lovely phlebotomist will tell you to leave immediately and that you can't ever donate blood..and she will stare at you awkwardly. Until the nurse comes along and realizes what you meant...sort of. How's a girl supposed to know? I was just trying to be honest! Oh well. I still got to donate and eat lots of cookies afterward ;)

Sunday, January 30

Praise Jesus!

                                           Journey Community Church. Photo found here

Literally. Als and I think we may have found a home church! We haven't been searching too hard, mostly just coming to a dead end at the same church every time we go (which has been like 3 times because that's how much we didn't like it). So, after 4 or 5 months of looking, we came across a teeny tiny church called Journey about twenty minutes from Point Loma. Alli had a friend recommend it who used to work there and we're glad that he did. The college group has about 60 people and we got plugged into a small group right away so we already feel very connected.

Anyway, we're looking forward to some good times with some new friends. It's all so very exciting!

Saturday, January 29


I made a blog. I finally did it. Snaps for me? I think I deserve some!! I just wanted some way to document my life and share it with my friends...and possibly my mother.
So, if anything else, this will be interesting!
Oh, and everything is totally still in the works.

For now, here's what you need to know.
                                                   I'm in love with him:

                                                          I live with her:

                                              And I go to school here: